(Interactive session on 17.05.2014)

Keynote address by MS. Anuradha Banerjee Sarkar

(Other speakers: Mr. Paritosh Banopadhyay, Mr. Sujit Chatterjee, Mr. A.K.                   Sengupta, Dr.Kalyan Chakravarty, Mr. Gautam Kanjilal, Ms. Sharmila Bhawal,                          Mr. P.C. Jha, Mr. Subhajyoti Roy, Dr. Madhumita Sarkar, Mr Jogendra singh)

[Anchor, Introduction & Conclusive Remarks: Asish K.Raha]



The proposition that “we are connected” implies that our connection with our present life relations and friends is not limited to the life we are presently living, but go back to several lives in the past, possibly in varying relationship. Apart from person-to-person relationship, the proposition also suggests a causal connection between our past deeds of previous lives, to our present state of being or events. Currently, the above concept, accepted as gospel truth by believers of re-incarnation for millenniums, has been popularized by some well renowned past life regression therapists like Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Hans W. Tendam (Ms Anuradha banerjee Sarkar, the speaker, has received training from Dr. Hans).

The above proposition has taken the form of a postulate or axiomatic truth in Hindu and Buddhist traditions that subscribe to re-incarnation. Even in Abrahamic tradition that generally does not believe in re-incarnation, causal connection between our deeds in this mortal world and our fate in the next world of Heaven and Hell is accepted. Those who do not subscribe to the theory that the soul survives death, will obviously find the subject proposition as questionable ab initio and may demand harder evidence than what can be ordinarily offered by regression therapists in form of standard validation checks. However, those who are open to conviction will be inclined to subject the above proposition to standard scrutiny with following posers:

a)    If consciousness/mind is a by-product of brain, how can it survive brain? In other words, when a man dies and is either cremated or buried, doesn’t his/her brain cease to exist or become dead? In that state how the consciousness/mind can operate?

b)    Given the limitation of distinctive environment and circumstances, how the action in one life can have causal connection to another?

c)    When the subject is not aware of his past Karma as the cause of his present sufferings, what purpose is achieved by such causal connection?

d)    Can the effect of a man’s past life deeds be neutralized wholly or partially in present life by regression therapy?

Before we address the above posers, let us analyse the proposition and look into the findings of the speaker (in her own words).



 “We are connected to everyone and everything in this universe.” writes Serge Kahili King, the greatest living exponent of ‘Huna’ or Polynesian philosophy of effective living with love and peace for which Hawaiian Islands are well known. “Therefore”, continues King, “everything one does as an individual affects the whole. All thoughts, words, images, prayers, blessings and deeds are listened to by all that is.” (Ref. ‘Mastering your Hidden Self – A Guide to the Huna Way’)

Science is demonstrating that everything and everyone is connected as part of a continuous energy field. As a result, every thought, feeling and action of ours exert an influence on the whole — the people around us, the circumstances of our lives, the world. The material microcosm is as such linked to the larger macrocosm in a temporal and spiritual manifestation.

Now scientific and other innovative findings are corroborating what many ancient texts, philosophies, and even religions have been stating for thousands of years ….that there is a measurable yet unseen and pantheistic connection between human beings and all life. How is this possible if we can’t detect it with our five senses? We’d all agree that we can’t see radio and TV waves, yet we hear the sounds or see the images when these signals reach the receiving devices in our homes. Most of us have experienced synchronicity …we think of someone out of the blue, and then the phone rings.  In that moment, we become the receiver of that “wave” of information. These ideas of us all “being one” and being able to transmit and receive messages or energies from one another can influence situations, relationships, our health, and more.

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve met someone for the first time but have this immediate and deep connection – sometimes to the point of being able to anticipate what they are going to say next – or feeling as if they’ve been in our life forever. We have also in this context at some point of our lives experienced a sense of déjà vu.

These kind of past-life connections are easy to spot but what about others that may also stretch across several lifetimes and involve soul promises, but which may not be quite so obvious? How do we recognise them?

First of all, we need to understand that often the souls with whom we have the deepest connection and with whom we have chosen to learn and grow with, are the ones who are there to teach us the most profound lessons. And sometimes these lessons are not easy. Just because you have known one another in a past life does not mean it will all be love and happy endings in this one.

We often have themes we have chosen to work through in this life and we may have several ‘soul mates’ – and we use that term in the broadest possible sense as a ‘soul mate’ is not necessarily a romantic partner but someone with whom we have chosen to form a connection with over several lifetimes; who have chosen to appear at various times in our life in order to help us learn a particular lesson. So, with all this in mind, what are the signs we should look for in even our most challenging relationships that may have a strong past life connection with someone?

01. Look for the lesson. Are we learning something about ourselves – either in relationship to other people or our own behaviour?



Let me cite a few illustrations from my case studies that would establish beyond doubt our interconnectivity with one another as also causal connection of our present with our past Karma.

At times we think that why on earth am I suffering so much from this particular problem… when my other family members & friends are not facing any problem on this count. According to Bhagavat Purana amd Srimad Bhagavat Gita, the answer is – we are reborn and get a life in accordance with our past karmas or deeds. Let us run a validation check on that proposition through some of my case studies. 

Case Study 1:

Subject: 55 years old Ashwin (name changed), a successful businessman, born in a very poor family, with 6 siblings. He had studied till class VI. His father died when he was only 16 years old. After his father’s death, he had to take the responsibility of the entire family and struggled a lot to earn livelihood for the entire family.  He joined an institution to become an actor, failed there, and then joined the technical line and through a process of great hardship became ultimately very famous as a stage lighting professional. However, the responsibility of the whole family still continues to be with him. His Brothers & sisters, though married and settled, are still very much dependent on him.

Problem: Why he is suffering with so much responsibility till date?

Session: On being regressed, he saw himself as a small child in London. His mother (a Punjabi lady from India) abandoned near a river bank while he was crying his heart out. A kind-hearted Britisher took him to his house, nurtured him with his other children, who were very small. He started going to school. Though he used to get lot of love and affection from this family, he used to feel very lonely, depressed and unhappy. When he was about to get a job, his foster father died entrusting the responsibility of his entire family (wife and other children) to the young man.

On the person’s death, this boy left the house as he felt very scared to shoulder the responsibility of so many people.

He got married afterwards with his wife becoming pregnant a few months later. When he came to know that he would become a father, he walked out from that relationship without even informing his wife. Years later, living the life of a virtual vagabond, he died forlorn.

Through regression, when he was taken to spirit realm after his death in his previous incarnation, he met his master. When he asked his master about his present life problem and solution, the answer was that he had not done his duty towards the British family, when they really needed him. He was unfaithful to: a) his foster father and his family and also to: b) his wife and child. So, in his present lifetime he is fastened with the responsibility of so many people, most of them being his past- life relatives.

Lesson learnt: The law of Karma, as it is traditionally taught, says that our thoughts, words & deeds – positive and negative – create a chain of cause and effect, and that we will personally experience the effect of every cause that we have set in motion. This goes for negative experiences as well as positive ones because often we learn more from failures than we do from our successes.

02. Is anything owed or left over after the relationship is over? You owe them something or they owe you. Or they’ve left something with you. This can be anything from a book, to money, a child or even a horse. Remember, past life unfulfilled soul promises, or intention to meet someone dear, or to come back to someone, provide a connecting thread to present life, though not easy to detect, but nevertheless detectable through key signs or clues. One such key sign may be your intense feeling that you have deep connection with persons you wouldn’t have dreamed were that important in your life!

Case Study 2:

Subject: 32 years old Kalpana (name changed), lost her younger brother who died of blood cancer, when 15 years old. Kalpana was very much attached to her brother. Since his demise, Kalpana was in a state of grief.  According to her, her brother used to come in her dreams regularly.

Problem: She came for a regression session to know whether she shared any relationship with this brother in any of her past lives.

Session: Kalpana was regressed to another life, where she was from a very poor family. Both the husband (present life husband) & wife used to work as labourers. She had a four- year old son, (who in her present life was her  brother who passed away) who was very close to her. This couple used to share a very strange type of relationship. While they did love and care for each other, at the same time both of them were so headstrong that they ended up fighting with each other on most trivial issues and at the slightest provocation. The husband was an alcoholic, and she used to oppose it, and slowly it became a regular feature. The baby boy never used to like this, and used to tell his mother that if she would continue to fight with his father, he would go out of the house & never return.

One day the couple had a big fight at night. Thereafter, when Kalpana was sleeping; her husband left her with their son. His intention was to teach Kalpana a lesson – how it feels like to live all alone for some time, without husband and son. But tragically, both of them died of an accident after being hit by a truck on the same night while crossing the road.

Kalpana had searched for them from pillar to post but could not trace them, and eventually she died an early death because of extreme starvation and acute depression. Before dying, her last thought was “I don’t have anyone by my side excepting my loneliness”…

Kalpana was brought to the spirit realm and, with the help of her spirit guide, her child was reunited with her. She was allowed to hold her son physically with a cushion serving as a virtual child. She was encouraged to ask her son all those things that she could not ask him in the past as well as in present lives. The son answered that he had an unfinished job to come back to her in the present life, as neither he nor his father had any intention to desert her in the past life. In the present life, he had come as a brother and spent some happy times with her, but as he did not like the burden of life, he left the world early. He is very happy now in his present state. He also wanted to convey to Kalpana not to get scared of loneliness.

For Kalpana, this session helped her get over the fear of loneliness. She learnt a lesson that she is still connected with her near and dear ones. She went back home on a very happy note as she got the opportunity to talk to her beloved brother, whom she lost at a very early age.

03. Past life work is a beautiful way to take inter personal connections right back to their sources. It also validates and explains the way one feels about someone in any kind of relationship. 

Case Study-3

Subject: Nandini (name changed), a young lady who had been suffering from severe depression, came to me for cure through regression therapy.  Nandini had lost both her parents at a very early age. She was married to a person who was extremely caring and understanding.  They have a daughter, who was diagnosed as autistic when she was barely five. Incidentally, till she came for therapy, her daughter was not able to speak. But because of her depression, Nandini never used to give enough love, care and attention to her daughter, though she would from time to time blame her destiny for saddling her with an autistic daughter. At the same time, she used to feel perennially guilty for neglecting the child.

Problem: Nandini wanted to know whether her daughter was related to her in any of her earlier lives and whether her daughter had any past life connection with her current life autism.

Session: When regressed, she immediately went to a past life, where she saw herself in some place in Uttarakhand (India), as a housewife with a very cute daughter (her present life daughter). The year was 1953.  Nandini’s husband was a calm, quiet and caring husband. They were having a very peaceful life.

She was then asked to go to the next significant event of that life. She saw that all three of them were going on a journey to another hill station by car, her husband was driving, it was night, and they were driving up the hills. A huge tree trunk had got uprooted and was lying across the road, which her husband had been unable to notice, resulting in the car colliding with it. In the process, the car veered off the road and directly banged on the trunk and started rolling down. The husband and  wife were screaming by now; the car lost its control & suddenly a feeling prevailed in her that they were no more. All 3 of them were spot dead. After death, when her spirit came out of body, she saw her daughter’s body lying at the back seat; very badly injured on the head.

In the spirit realm, she met her daughter, who told her that she had forgiven her father for the accident. She had chosen Nandini as her mother in this life also as that was her last wish before her death in her past life. She told Nandini not to feel guilty for not performing her duty and that she was happy to be her child again in the current life time.

Nandini then met her Master, who told her that her daughter’s autism was due to the accident in her last birth, which had severely damaged her brain. Nandini was asked to give a lot of love and affection to her daughter and to get her treated from a speech therapist. The Master assured her that as soon as the daughter would start speaking, she would gradually show a marked improvement and then, Nandini would feel much better, and start enjoying her motherhood. Subsequent verification from Nandini confirmed that with the help of a speech therapist, simultaneously with adequate motherly affection, her autistic daughter started speaking slowly and showing marked improvement.

04. Coming back to the theme of ‘Karmic connection’ in individual’s lives or incarnations, we have come across several instances of ‘group Karma’ or ‘collective action’. Entire families, town, states and nation can share what is called Group Karma. When groups of people commit acts together as one body, or fail to act what they should, they re-embody together to mend or alternately suffer for their past lapses for which they were jointly accountable for the harm they caused to another person(s). So not only we are connected to people known to us as family or friends, but also to a large group, which might be a nation also. 

Case Study- 4

Client: Sachin (name changed), 41 years old, stationed in Saudi Arabia, came to India to undergo regression therapy. He had lost his father when he was 4 years old. He had felt very bad about it but did not cry. He never cried since then. Sachin was married, fulfilled his responsibility towards his wife and family perfectly, but he had never expressed his true feelings to anyone. He had no social interest, no emotional feelings; his only love was his job. So people generally misunderstood him from his childhood.

Problem: Sachin wanted to know why he was not able to express himself in front of anyone.

Session: When regressed, he saw himself as a young female dancer (Parvati) in a South Indian temple in Andhra Pradesh. Parvati’s parents were very poor; so they sold her to the priests at this temple when she was only 7 years old. This was a big Nataraja temple. She described that there were many girls like her there. At the beginning, a marriage ceremony took place where they all got married to Lord Nataraja. She learnt music & dance, and became a “Devadasi”. Gradually, she started to hate this forced dancing in front of God and Brahmin priests.

The devadasis used to stay in a house located inside the temple compound. The Brahmin priests who used to visit them whenever they felt like, would sexually abuse them. These were the same priests who used to feed them too.  All devadasis used to live a prisoners’ life there. Parvati started hating the environment here and the people around. There was only one close friend of her’s (present life wife) among the devadasis.

Once, a big festival took place at the temple. After their dance performance at the festival, the devdasis came back to their abode. Suddenly, an angry mob entered their residence and started beating the devdasis. They protested that if devadasis could satisfy God & Brahmins with their music and dance then the general public also had the right to enjoy the same. They were forcing the devadasis to dance in front of them. No priest or religious leader came to protect the Devdasis from the wrath of the mob that had gone berserk. The mob then kidnapped some of the Devdasis and fled. Parvati’s friend was one of the kidnapped girls. Shocked completely, Parvati could not take this huge blow in her traumatic life anymore. This was the final straw and she felt, as if her life had lost all meaning. She was disgusted with everyone. She committed suicide by jumping from the roof top of the building they were housed in. Before death, the last thought that crossed her mind was-“no one loves me, I don’t have any near & dear one…I don’t trust anyone & I hate everyone as all are corrupt”.

In the spirit realm, Parvati met per parents, the priests and the people who tortured her. They all had understood their mistake. Parvati forgave them & sent them unconditional love.

At the time of integrating the last life with the present life, Sachin discovered the same pattern of no social interest, no emotional feelings and general mistrust that had come back to haunt his current life without any apparent reason. Many of the past life characters came back to his present life, with whom he shared a very strange and difficult relationship. 

Case Study-5

Client: Mona (name changed), a middle aged lady, came with an emotional issue. She came from a very happy & close knit family. They were a small family of parents with two sisters. The parents were very loving.  However, she noticed that her mother, although very loving and caring, never used to hug or pick them up on her lap or kiss them. In fact, she did not show any kind of physical attachment towards the kids. Mona and her sister used to feel jealous by seeing how their other friends were attached physically with their parents.

Problem: What had made her mother not showing any physical mother-child attachment towards them?

Session: Mona was regressed to a past life in 17th century, in a village in one of the cities in Europe. She saw herself as a 2 year old cute child playing in a small garden, running to catch the butterflies; she was a very happy child. Her house was nearby. Whenever this child used to see that her mother (present life mother only) was busy with some work, she used to quickly come to this garden. Her mother was apprehensive about allowing this small girl to go to the garden on her own as there was a small deep pond on the way. One particular day, her mother did not notice that the child was not at home as she was doing the household chores. All of a sudden, she noticed that her daughter wasn’t at home. It was already dark outside, so she hurriedly ran to get the child from the garden. The mother spotted and picked up the child as soon as she reached the garden. The child was, however, unwilling to come back home. There was a physical scuffle between the two, while crossing the pond on the walk back home. In the struggle that ensued, the child slipped off from the mother’s hands, fell into th pond and got drowned instantly.

At this unfortunate incident and the loss of her child, the mother went mad holding herself to be responsible for the death of the child.

The child met the mother at the spirit realm. The child told her that she did not hold her mother responsible for her death, as she knew that it was an accidental death. Unconditional love and forgiveness was sent to the mother. A healing was given to the mother by masters to wash all her guilt and shame about the past life issue.

Mona used to live in Bangalore, while her mother was in Mysore. After the therapy, when Mona met her mother after around 6 months, she was surprised to see her mother hugging both the sisters, unaware that a therapy was done on her by her daughter.

The first karmic connection we encounter in life and, therefore, often the most crucial to deal with, is the one with our parents and siblings. There is a reason why we come together as a family. There is something we must give to one another, we may have a common mission to achieve together or -something we are meant to do together to help, inspire or to uplift each other.



The theory that we are connected with one another through several lives including the present one through our mental attachments/detachments and also through the chain of Karma has understandably and quite logically been subjected to strictest scrutiny on several counts. Four such critical posers have been included in the Introduction itself which we are going to address herein. Further, following two queries have also cropped up during the interaction:

i)              With reference to the procedure to access the Master or Spirit Guide for necessary guidance in the course of regression, what is the certainty that an evil spirit does not impersonate as the Master and misguides the subject?

ii)             How the concept of re-incarnation can be reconciled to the theory of evolution from the time of Big Bang to the present day?

Before we address the above two queries, let us first dwell upon the initial four posers made in the Introduction.

a)    How does consciousness/mind survive brain, being its by-product?

Even though quantum physicists like Stephen Hawking are inclined to take consciousness as nothing more than an accidental by-product of brain, which has no possibility of survival after the brain ceases to function, Sir John Eccles, a Nobel Laureate Neuro-biologist, holds a contra view. According to the latter, the scope of consciousness may not remain limited within the confines of the human skull and at times can remain completely dis-embodied (refer: ‘How the Self Controls Its Brain’ by John Eccles).

It is pertinent to mention here that Quantum Physicists are in agreement that electrons behave differently when observed by a human. When not so observed, the electron behaves like a wave. When observed, it behaves like a particle. This change in behavioural pattern would suggest that the electron is aware, just like the human, whether it is being observed or not.

Neurobiologists have taken the above finding of Quantum Physicists to a different level for explaining out- of-body experience (OBE) and near-death experience (NDE) while the body is in an anaesthetized or inactive state. In that state consciousness remains dis-embodied, and the subject observes events from outside the body. After returning to normal sense, the person can relate what his/her consciousness observed and heard from an out of body location. According to Susan Greenfield, Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University and Professor of Physics at Gresham College, London, none has yet pointed to a single event that occurs in awake but not in anaesthetized brain.

Experiments have also shown, as stated by John Eccles, that consciousness leaves a dying person, floats around observing things and later attach itself to an unborn foetus to start a new existence. Consciousness, therefore, has been classified by neuro-biologists like Eccles as a non-material entity and not a property of brain. It is similar to electron in behaviour. While the electrons in the brain behave as particles, it prevents consciousness from realizing that it is part of a whole. When the electrons behave as a wave, the consciousness becomes aware of its existence outside the mind and body, as a part of the larger whole. When the wave function collapses, consciousness returns to the physical body to become entangled just like the electron. This is known as double slit experiment with electron in quantum physics, which has been applied by neuro-biologists to consciousness. Experiment has revealed that the dis-embodied consciousness possesses visual, auditory, and olfactory senses and experiences a new perception of reality outside of one’s self, I-ness, or oneness. When theperson becomes self-conscious, the wave function collapses and the electron changes from wave to particle preventing the person from being aware of his/her larger self or existence as part of the whole.

The neuro-biological concept of dis-embodied consciousness was well known to Indian yogis several millenniums ago. It finds specific mention in the Bhagavat Gita which goes to the extent of distinguishing mind from consciousness. In verses 4 and 5 of Chapter 7 of the Gita Sri Krishna proclaims as follows:

“My manifested nature (Prakriti), or lower nature, has an eight-fold differentiation: earth, water, fire, air, ether, sensory mind, intelligence, and egoism. My higher nature is the Jiva or the consciousness that sustains the cosmos.”

In verse 8, chapter 15 of the Gita, Sri Krishna reveals: “When the Jiva acquires a body, it brings with it the mind and the senses. When it leaves the body, it takes them and goes, even as the wind wafts away scents from flowers.”

The fundamental concept of past life regression is in harmony with the ancient concept of yoga as also neuro-biological concept of out-of-body consciousness.

b)    Given the limitation of distinctive environment and circumstances, how the action in one life can have causal connection to another? 

The fundamental principle underlying past life regression is that every individual is connected with another, physically or mentally and his/her relationship is largely governed or pre-destined by past Karma or action committed or even omitted not only in present life but also in past lives. What is important for causal connection between two or more lives of an individual is his/her mental condition underlying the commission or omission for which the individual is accountable. Varying environment and circumstances may provoke or induce such commission or omission, but do not influence significantly the causal connectivity between two or more lives of the same soul. The case studies in preceding paragraphs will adequately explain the validity of above observation.

c)    When the subject is not aware of his past Karma as the cause of his present sufferings, what purpose is achieved by such causal connection?   

It is true that when a person takes birth in this three dimensional mortal world, he/she does not remember his/her past lives or deeds that may have causal connection to his/her present life. But the therapists have found that in the course of regression the subject is able to recount the past life deeds or action that has caused the present life sufferings. This memory is hidden or suppressed in unconscious mind which can be dug out by regression. Besides, it is also found out by therapists that the subject, when taken to out-of-body state, mostly after death in a previous life, is able to contact the Spiritual Master or Spirit Guide who explains the causal connection of the sufferings as also the remedy to get over it. The fact that such revelation leads to the cure in vast majority of cases if not in all, is in itself the validation of the concept as also the procedure of the treatment. As to the question why must there be such causal connection between lives and what is achieved by such connection, it is not for the therapist to answer that. As a matter of fact, even a physicist will not be able to answer why there was a Big Bang and why the universes were created following it. The therapist, just as the physicist, can only explain how it happens and not why it does.

d)    Can the effect of a man’s past life deeds be neutralized wholly or partially in present life by regression therapy? 

The therapy can certainly help the subject to get over the effects of his past commissions or omissions substantially by taking necessary corrective action, often with the guidance of the Master, as has been explained in the case studies above.

e)    With reference to the procedure to access the Master or Spirit Guide for necessary guidance in the course of regression, what is the certainty that an evil spirit does not impersonate the Master and misguides the subject?

The possibility of impersonation in the spirit world cannot be ruled out. It is for the therapist to take adequate precaution to guard against such possibility, for which the therapist needs to be properly trained.

f)     How the concept of re-incarnation can be reconciled to the theory of evolution from the time of Big Bang to the present day? 

To re-frame the question, life on planet earth and for that matter in other stars or planets as well, may have originated from a vacuum, long after the Big Bang. Evolution of Human on the earth is only a recent phenomenon, going by Darwin’s theory. Their number has been ever increasing. In the above backdrop, how the theory of causal connectivity of first time human or first creature or first life can be explained?

As per Darwin’s theory of evolution, species evolve from genus in this physical world. Following the same law of nature man has evolved from monkey through multiple intermediate stages. It is quite possible that a man in the course of regression is found to have been born as an animal or bird in previous life. The question is whether there will be any causal connection between his present life and past deeds as an animal or bird, as the case may be. The therapists have in fact come across many such instances where the subject has described his/her past life experiences as sub-human species, and causal connection between the two births has been found to exist.

As to the question whether the first species on earth will have any causal connection with its past, if any, such question is purely academic. Be that as it may, the fact remains that recent scientific researches have revealed that even the tiniest particle has life and in all likelihood consciousness as well. These are able to interact with one another faster than the speed of light and get entangled irrespective of the distance which could measure several light years. There is a distinct possibility that the particles that constitute neurons in the brain are conscious and intelligent, as has been explained above in response to the first poser. Therefore, there is no reason to think that only human species are intelligent and have free will and, therefore, have causal connection with their past lives and the rest are governed solely by the laws of nature with no free will.





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9 Responses to WE ARE CONNECTED

  1. RKGupta says:

    An extremely interesting session, which I could not attend.
    The examples through case studies given by the learned main speaker, to a great extent explain the cause of misery in the present lives of the subjects. Here, though regression is used as a therapy and it has benefitted the subjects, the issue which is being addressed is much wider going beyond therapy in the realm of philosophy. The case studies by indicating connection between various beings and across the barrier of lives (incarnation) support the theory of Karma and the Hindu view point of reincarnation etc.
    The very first poser-are we connected-takes me to the philosophical concept of ‘Advait’ (non-duality), which is not only accepted by many Hindus but is also accepted in the Sufi tradition by people belonging to Wahdat-e-Wajoodia (unity of existence) group. This non duality is at the level of consciousness. Life is linked to consciousness. The living beings possess consciousness, which is the sign of their being alive. The level of consciousness in the living beings, however, differs. Higher the level of evolution of the creatures, the higher is their level of consciousness. The non-living beings also possess consciousness but there is a difference in their level of consciousness.
    Here it would be important to understand what is meant by consciousness? Scientists associate consciousness with intelligence and as mentioned by Mr. Raha, some scientists consider consciousness to be an accidental product. I beg to differ with due respect to all those holding that view. According to scriptures consciousness is the characteristic quality of the soul. Scriptures consider soul, Supreme Soul or the Creator, by whatever name one may call, as the storehouse of all consciousness (Sat-Chit-Anand) and the universe having been created by the Creator by a mere thought. According to scriptures, whether the Bible, the Qur’an or the Hindu scriptures, in the beginning it was only the Creator, from whom the entire creation has manifested. The Holy Bible in Genesis, Chapter1, mentions of the heaven and earth and the creatures, having been created by the God in six days. Similarly, the Holy Qur’an mentions that the God is the creator of all; He is the Lord of all and that everything will return to Him (36:79-83). Hindu scriptures, of course give vivid description of the process of creation, starting from the ‘Mahtatva’ (‘Chitta’ or the faculty of thought), Prakriti (Nature) and ‘Kaal’ (time) and the periodical creation and dissolution of the universe. It is the Kaal that sets in the process of differentiation, movement, action and ultimately dissolution of everything in its essence.
    Consciousness is the characteristic quality of soul, soul itself being unexplainable, so is the consciousness to a great extent being in immediate association of the soul. According to the scriptural description of the process of creation, it is the soul that expresses itself in the form of consciousness, which in turn manifests in the form of thought. In the living beings the thought first manifests in the form of ego i.e., their individual existence or the feeling of being separate from others. The very fact that something exists implies that it has an individual identity. In other words different beings exist because of the feeling of their individual consciousness or the feeling of being distinct from the others. Thus, the very basis of existence is the individual consciousness, which occupies the highest place in the order of creation. Beyond the consciousness, it is the soul, which is the essence of all essences and according to scriptures inexplicable, being beyond human perception.
    Prakriti (Nature) is the collective name of the three modes of Nature or the threefold energy (Trigunas) i.e., the Preservative energy (the Satvik energy or the Satoguna), the Creative energy (the Rajas energy or the Rajoguna) and the Dissolution energy (the Tamasik energy or the Tamoguna), which originate from the Mahatatva (Chitta or thought) and is the next level of manifestation and finally it is the matter, which manifests last in the process of creation. The process of creation thus starts with soul expressing itself as consciousness, which in turn manifests as thought, thought in turn manifests as energy and energy manifests in the form of matter. In fact, it is condensation of consciousness, which reflects as thought and similarly condensation of thought reflects as energy and condensation of energy as matter. The fact that strength lies in the mind supports the view that energy emanates from thought and the big-bang theory and the God-particle experiments lend support to the fact that all the matter has emanated from energy.
    Consciousness thus pervades everything in the universe, whether living or non-living. The entire existence possesses all the four dimensions of existence i.e., consciousness, thought, energy and matter. Their levels, however, differ in different beings. In the case of living beings the level of consciousness and the capability to think, which can be expressed as freedom to choose a particular course of action, is much higher than the non-living beings. The man being at the apex of the animal kingdom possesses the highest level of consciousness and freedom of action. In the animals and plants, the level of consciousness and freedom to choose a particular course of action keeps on declining and their capability to act also is restricted. In the case of non-living beings, they also do possess consciousness and thought but the level of consciousness and thought is extremely low. Inert material also has a life, which is proved from the fact that it starts deteriorating and becomes useless in that form after some time, though that time period may be much longer, as compared to the life span of the living creatures. Metal fatigue is an example of material’s capability to react and respond, which is a sign of some sort of intelligence or power to think.
    Energy is expressed as the power to act. Living beings and non-living beings all possess energy. Non-living beings, which are looked upon as matter alone do possess energy; conversion of matter into energy is a day-to-day experience like generating heat by burning coal. The power of inanimate to act is, however, restricted, manifesting only under certain conditions. Coal burns only on heating and similarly some chemicals react with others under certain conditions.
    Essentially, therefore, there is no fundamental difference between all that exists in the universe. The prominence of different dimensions of existence makes them to appear differently. The individual consciousness is thus a part and parcel of the universal consciousness and the whole string vibrates as one if struck anywhere.
    Now coming to the question of brain and mind, in my humble opinion brain perhaps can be compared to the hardware and mind to the software. In fact according to the scriptures, Srimadbhagwat Mahapuran in particular, what is termed as birth, is the union of a subtle body (please read mind) with a gross body. On the other hand, death is their separation. It is not the death of mind in the sense of mind getting perished. It never does. Brain may perish, reduced to ashes but not mind. Mind can be dissolved, which in fact is the essence of all spiritual practices, which exhort seekers to dissolve their mind in Truth. This union of mind with body is caused by the causal body (Kaaran Sharir), which in simple words is the storehouse of all actions, thoughts and desires, which act as the driving force for the mind to unite with a suitable physical body in which can help it in moving in the direction chosen by it.
    In my opinion the examples cited by Ms. Anuradha Sarkar also lend support to this postulation that it is the mind driven by the causal body, which accepts a particular gross body (and the environment associated with it) to make further progress in the direction chosen by it.
    I would also like to comment on the poser that when one does not remember what he did in the past life, what is the justification for him to be punished or rewarded in the future life? Why should one be punished without letting him know his crime? In my humble opinion, it is the extreme kindness of the Creator. If one knew what he was being punished for, he would be disheartened looking at the gravity of his misdeeds and possibilities of reform, besides it would also result in chaos if he knew what the relations and other people around him were in the earlier birth and what he or they did to him and their relations in this life. It would all be a great chaos. For example an ailing son in this life may be a previous birth creditor, who was not paid his dues and through the expenditure incurred on the son that debt is being repaid in this life. If the father knew this fact that he is repaying the debt and that the son would die on the complete repayment of debt, would he be able to serve his son and have affection towards him?
    Now the last issue for me to comment is whether the present life actions can mitigate the past deeds. According to the rule of action, if one begs pardon and takes a vow not to indulge in bad deeds again, there is a possibility of being pardoned. Bad deeds result not only in suffering bodily or mentally but also in a mental unrest that also blocks spiritual progress. A firm commitment not to indulge in wrong doings again, repentance in the heart and a vow to do good in the future, take away the darkness from the heart and cleanses it. As a result one undergoes the suffering with a steady mind and does not act like a weak person who considers even a little suffering to be too much and keeps on crying. There is a lot of difference between the two from the point of view of the strength to forbear the suffering. Going through the sufferings and vanishing of the unrest from the mind, which was an obstruction in making spiritual progress, is in reality being pardoned.
    There is another way of being pardoned, but only for highly spiritual persons. The outcome of the deeds can neither be increased nor decreased, but there is a possibility of change. There are two components of suffering resulting from wrong doings. These are the intensity of suffering and the duration of the suffering. The product of the two i.e. the intensity and the duration determines the quantum of the suffering. Thus, by increasing the intensity, the duration can be reduced, which brings about the desired change. Besides, prayers can indeed break the bondage resulting from action. The thoughts are a power in themselves, which can influence the result according to their strength. It is said that one becomes what one thinks. A Master can make happen whatever he wishes.
    Kind Regards, RKGupta

  2. akraha1948 says:

    Guptaji, your comments/explanation on the posers relating to consciousness, loss of memory of past lives & pardon for past lapses and misdeeds have a distinct spiritual angle and though deep in substance, may not quite fit into the tenor and ambit of past life regression therapy. It is, however, true that quite a few findings of the therapists establish certain theological postulates, such as causal connection of one’s past Karma to the present sufferings or well being, and, therefore, a fore-warning to all to stick to righteous path so as not to invite trouble in future. But your explanation for our lack of past life memory as an act of kindness of the Creator does not fit into the findings of regression therapists, nor the yogis, for the following reasons.

    First, as per finding of regression therapists, remembrance/revelation of the cause of the present life sufferings cures the suffering. Logically, therefore, if one remembers one’s past life misdeeds or lapses, much of his sufferings would be ameliorated. Thus, your proposition that “If one knew what he was being punished for, he would be disheartened looking at the gravity of his misdeeds and possibilities of reform”, cannot be reconciled to the purpose and objective of past life regression therapy. Looking at it from theological angle, if what you have suggested is true, regression therapists may be accused of working against God’s will to help suffering individuals having access to their past life mistakes or misdeeds. It’s pertinent that no such theological objection has been raised so far.

    Second, our great spiritual Masters like Sri Krishna and Buddha are believed to have complete access to their past lives, and that made them them truly liberated. The contra proposition that all liberated souls have access to their past lives is also true. The yogis are also believed to have memory of their past lives. We haven’t come across any instance where memory of past lives has added to present life sufferings. However, it is true that much of the charm of present life will be lost if one continues to remember one’s past life connections. Past life memory may also lead to chaos. But then this cycle of birth, death and re-birth with a mind clear of past memory has been attributed to the law of nature (Prakriti) in our spiritual texts such as the Upanishads and the Gita with a rider that a yogi alone is able to break the shackle of the Nature when he finds the link that connects his individual consciousness to the pure consciousness. In that state, his past lives reveal itself like an open book. From this point of view also, the proposition that it was the kind decision of the Almighty to deprive us of our past life memory looks incompatible.

    The concept of pardon to the wrong-doer by the wronged in the astral world of consciousness is a unique concept which is not found in any known religious or philosophical text. I sincerely wish that Ms. Anuradha devotes quality time in her research as to how the souls of wronged persons or wrong-doers, not under regression therapy, can be dragged to astral world to either pardon or receive pardon.

  3. RKGupta says:

    Sir, i am a firm believer in the proposition that nothing is by chance in this world. If we take the Almighty God as a computer, it is such a powerful computer from which no information can escape and it organises all events in the life of individuals in such a way that nothing is left to chance but it happens according to the divine design. By no stretch of imagination, I am saying that there is no freedom of action. There is freedom of action and one has to choose the right path according to the dictates of his intellect and discretion. That being so, in my humble opinion, the sufferings (or punishment) one undergoes in the present life is not an accident, similarly, his going to a regression therapist is also not by chance but it is so ordained, because that is the way for him being pardoned. Again, people approaching regression therapists are mainly those, who are suffering in some way or who are under some sort of stress and through the therapy, their access is restricted only to that particular event, which could be considered to be affecting his present life. Only that much is known. If one knew all his past lives, it would be nothing but confusion and chaos. In my opinion, the Almighty sends people with a clean slate to draw their future life sketch, which in my opinion is no doubt His extreme kindness. It exhorts him to use all resources at his command (his intellect, discretion, senses and physical body) to make progress rather than keep on repenting and feel guilty for his past life actions.
    I would also like to mention that the subjects of past life regression therapy are few, who have had such strong impressions of their past life deeds that they carry that impression i this life. These are exceptional rather than routine cases.
    I also do not agree with your proposition that the concept of pardon to the wrong-doer by the wronged in the astral world of consciousness is a unique concept which is not found in any known religious or philosophical text. It is very much a part of all philosophical teachings, where one is asked to seek pardon for all wrong doings knowingly or unknowingly and tis includes not only the misdeeds of this life but also of the past life.
    In fact my father has written his experiences where he was pardoned by various creatures for wrongs done to them in previous lives, it is included in my book “Yogis in Silence” under the chapter heading “Dr. Chandra Gupta”. Just to quote an interesting episode:
    “5-11-1982. I saw that a train left me at a station. I came out of the station. The station was in the city itself. It was evening and lamps were lit in all the shops. I was walking on the pavement on the right side of the road. It was quiet everywhere. While walking I saw a shop, whose owner was a tailor. He had a medium built brown coloured dog with long hairs over its body. The dog was sitting quietly, but as the dog saw me, it pounced on me and grabbed my right hand in its jaws. It started bleeding. When the owner of the dog saw it, he opened the mouth of the dog but I could not take my arm out of the dog’s mouth. By then my arm had become immobile. Just then another great person appeared there who took my arm out of the dog’s mouth. The dog then said in human voice, ‘He was a good Sufi saint in his last birth. He, however, killed me without any reason.’ Hearing this from his mouth, I caught hold of the dog’s feet and requested for forgiveness. He forgave me. With the blessing of the tailor and the dog I saw my last birth. I saw my wife, who is still with me in this life and myself. That great person-tailor then told me, ‘This was the remainder of your deeds in your last birth, which has been borne by you. Now all deeds from your previous births have been accounted for.’”
    Kind Regards,

  4. akraha1948 says:

    Guptaji, the inspirational anecdote of your saintly father is not comparable with the regression procedure by which a living soul wronged in earlier life is taken to the astral world together with the living soul who has wronged the former for receiving pardon. The anecdote of your father reminds me of the story of Mahabharat that tells us that Vedavyasa re-created all the dead Kauravas and Karna, rising from the Ganga to convey to grief-struck Yudhisthir that they had no ill feeling toward him and that they had pardoned him. But this was no regression therapy, and like in your father’s case, what was conveyed to Yudhisthir was the message of pardon from the wronged dead souls to the living ones in this mortal world itself. The living souls were not taken to the astral world. As a matter of fact, it is believed that once in the astral world, the wronged souls also realize that the wrong done to them was pre-programmed by their destiny and hence they do not carry any grievance against the wrong-doer. If they do so, they cannot be elevated in the astral world and suffer a lot. It’s only the hurt that was caused in the mortal world to another in previous life that rebounds to the wrong-doer in next life. This is how the destiny is programmed.

    As for the loss of memory of past life, it will be apt to compare our brain with a brand new computer which has been loaded with operating systems only and a memory card with fixed memory. We may transfer data to the computer memory card from another hard disk to the extent of its capacity and no more. Our consciousness, not limited to a single birth, is the hard disk with much higher storage capacity compared to the memory card of the new computer that’s our brain in present life, which is equipped to store data of present life only. Sporadic attempt to access additional data from the hard disk of our consciousness may be successful to a limited extent only unless the memory capacity of the brain has been stepped up considerably by adding memory cards. This is possible through yoga or spiritual practices. Past life regression therapy enables limited access to the data of the hard disk without enlarging storage capacity of the brain as such.

    Guptaji, like you I also believe in the proposition that there is nothing accidental in this world. However, that does not mean that there is no free will. It’s the view of Quantum physicists like Stephen Hawking that there is no free will and in all likelihood, man is a biological machine or robot. I do not subscribe to that. In my considered view, in our programmed life, discretion is given to individuals to chose one or the other option out of various options available, just like in a computer game. If we take a wrong option we lose the game and have to re-start. if we take the right one, all the time, we finish the game successfully quite early.

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